Birthday Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Babies

Ah, I still remember that great feeling I had when my first baby (then the second) turned one. It’s an extremely exciting moment for us all and a reminder that time does fly once a new baby is born. And even though initially we thought that finding gifts for a one year old baby (who, let’s be honest, is not very picky) would be extremely easy, when we had to actually decide what to buy, things became more difficult. Are the toys safe? Can he use them for more than just a few days/weeks? Will the baby enjoy them? Oh, the stress!

If you’re facing the same problems, here are, after hours of intense research and discussions, some 1 year old birthday gift ideas that we approve and enjoy. They are a bit boy-oriented, but I still guess that all of them can still be offered as a great gift to baby girls too. So here are the best gifts for 1 year old babies:

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

A 1 year old is still learning to walk and a learning walker seems to be the best choice. This particular one surely is, as thousands of happy customers placed it on Amazon’s #1 spot in the baby walkers category. Part of the Infant Learning series of toys, the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a multi-activity device that your little one will absolutely love!

While using the activity panel with the walker, the panel is motion-activated to play melodies and sound effects as the child pushes the walker. The baby will learn shapes, sounds and animal noises while also exercising his walking and getting closer and closer to that moment when she’ll need no support and walk on her own! Check it out here.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

If there’s something that I learned about kids during this first year since my boy was born, is that they love music. This really cheap toy that they will really appreciate comes with 7 tunes ready to be taken anywhere thanks to its great design and especially the easy to grasp Caterpillar handle.

All the tunes are classical music tunes, proved to be highly enjoyed by the little ones. This is actually the best selling Baby product on Amazon at the moment of writing, and I am sure that says a ton about its quality. If not, the 4.5 (out of 5) rating it has after 2,800 customers who bought it rated it, certainly does. A brilliant product that’s really cheap. Check it out here.

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

We bought this for our baby and so far I seem to enjoy it more than he does – at least when it comes to using it for what it was made for: building. A 1 year old is too young to build anything, but the blocks are huge and safe and since they’re so brightly colored, he still enjoys playing with them and especially enjoys the cars and castles that I build for him (blasting them into pieces also seems to be a favorite).

So even though right now the building phase does not exist, I am sure that it will help him in the future and pretty soon he’ll start building too. But if you want something that’s instantly usable – and not just for chewing and throwing around – then this is the one for you! Available on Amazon.

Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

Now this is an extremely useful product that the baby will enjoy instantly! Created by Fisher-Price and selling at an amazing price, this beautiful toy was an instant hit. Two interactive play modes introduce baby to A-B-Cs, 1-2-3’s, colors, and parts of the body, plus sing-along fun with favorite songs and games, including Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-Cake, This Little Puppy Went to Market, and more.

Paws, tummy, ear and light-up heart respond to baby’s touch and they really love to explore and discover all the sounds and goodies that come with this product. By far my favorite on the list – make sure to look at it here.

And these are my personal recommendations for a 1 year old’s birthday gifts. Remember – the baby doesn’t need extremely fancy stuff, nor extremely expensive items, as they won’t be interesting enough for long enough to deserve spending so much money on.

Babies are happy with smaller, cutesy things – and if they can also be useful, as the products that we’ve chosen, it’s all for the best.

And if you want to make sure that your days – and especially nights – are safe and sound and you can easily rest without having to worry about your baby’s well being, make sure to put a baby monitor on that list! We’re listing the best of the best over at Baby Monitors Central – so if you don’t know which one is best for you, that’s the place to start your research!

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