What Is Baby Wearing and How to Do It Properly

Though baby wearing has been around for thousands of years in all different cultures, it has become increasingly popular in America in the last few years. Baby wearing started as the occasional use of a baby backpack when hiking, but has recently turned into parents wearing their babies in a sling or other device all throughout the day. This method of taking care of a baby comes highly recommended by those who use it. In this article, we’ll try to see if baby wearing is for you, and how to do it properly!

Attachment Parenting
Babywearing is considered a technique of the attachment parenting theory. According to the theory, keeping one’s baby close and held as much as possible is better for the baby for a variety of reasons.

People who prescribe to this theory claim that babies feel more secure and grow up to be more confident when they are not left on their own very often. Moms and dads will put the baby down rarely, usually only to sleep at night.

Even if you do not agree with attachment parenting, there are other benefits to baby wearing. Babywearing allows parents to have their hands free more often. So even if you do not agree with holding a baby so much, the moments that you do hold them, you can also be doing other things.

This is very beneficial to parents of multiple children who cannot possibly get anything done while holding one of their children often. Also, for breastfeeding moms, most methods of babywearing allow for privacy by covering both baby and mom up.

Though baby wearing seems like a perfect solution to many parents, there are some safety concerns to be aware of and to avoid. First of all, make sure your baby is in the correct position and carrier. Some positions and carriers are not for newborns and some are not for older babies.

Second all of, be sure to always have the baby secured. When you are new at baby wearing, it’s not a bad idea to also hold baby in place in the carrier until confidence is built.

Third of all, watch what older babies can grab, especially if wearing in a back position. The last concern worth mentioning is to always be safe when baby wearing. Climbing ladders, jumping on a trampoline or even running is not recommended. Any activity which could potentially throw off your balance is never a good idea while baby wearing.

Before you start baby wearing, do your research. Find out which carrier is best for you and your baby. Read the instruction manual thoroughly. Talk with friends or family who have done babywearing and get tips that worked or didn’t work for them. Babywearing takes some time to get the hang of it, but if you research well in advance you will have a better shot at being successful than someone who bought a carrier on a whim and tried it out right away.

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In the end, babywearing might not be right for you and your family. That is okay. However, there are so many people who truly enjoy it that it might be worth a try at least. So… tell us in the comment section for you if you are for or against baby wearing!

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