Baby Screams and Cries When Changing Diapers – What to Do?

If your little wonder is anything like my son, whenever you try to change diapers, baby will scream and cry as if you’re torturing the little fellow. This was heart breaking at first, but it got old pretty fast and I started to wonder: what do I do to stop baby from screaming and crying and acting so crazy when I change his diapers? Especially since it’s starting to turn into a similar thing when I change his clothes.

The truth is that my baby (and yours) are not the only ones who don’t like to get their diapers changed. Most of the babies I know have the same problem: as soon as you put them on their back, ready to change diapers, they start screaming and crying. It’s even worse when trying to change a poopy diaper when they try to turn around and run away. It’s frustrating and discouraging, but you shouldn’t let this get to you as there are some methods to work this around!

How to stop baby from crying when changing diapers

Apparently, their biggest problem is that with having to lay on their back. All babies seem to hate that and until they outgrow it (mine is 13 months old and still hates it), we have to find some ways to distract them.

So the best way in my case – and I am sure it will help in yours – when you are getting ready to change the diaper is to give baby something to hold. Regular things won’t work that well: make sure it’s something that they’re not usually allowed to hold (like the remote control, a bottle of shampoo or anything that they haven’t seen yet and they might enjoy holding). This works like a charm and it will keep the baby busy long enough for you to change the diapers. But you still have to be very fast!

This means that in order to reduce the crying and fighting when changing diapers, you should first make sure that you have everything in order and ready to use: the wet wipes, the diaper itself and any cream that you’re using on your baby’s bottom. Then, as soon as you place the little one on their back, hand them the wonder object and be as fast as you can.

Another method that some mothers have tried and had partial or complete luck with was to start getting the baby used with laying on their backs. Every day, when baby is not fussy, just place them on their back for a while. Do it while playing with them or while they hold objects they are interested in and slowly increase the duration. In a week or two they could learn and accept to lay on their back for a couple of minutes, more than enough to change the diaper.

So worry no more, as you are not the only one having this problem, and the distraction method works like a charm. now we can only hope that they will outgrow this very soon and all the fighting and crying will soon become nothing but a bad memory.

Do you have any other tricks that you use for stopping the baby from crying? Let us know by commenting below

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