About Us

Welcome, Wilson County Parents!

Before we go any further, let me tell you that this blog is focusing on the Wilson County area in North Carolina. I found out that there are two more Wilson Counties in Texas and Tennessee. Of course, everybody is welcome and you can still find some great information here no matter where you’re visiting us from, but most of the attractions we’re talking about are in the Wilson County area.

What is this blog about, then?

I am planning to turn this blog into the go-to destination for all parents living the Wilson County, NC area. No matter if you just moved here or living in the area for years, we’ll have some amazing content for you. I am hoping that we’ll turn this into a real community for people living in Wilson and the surrounding cities (I’m in Elm City, by the way) and hopefully we’ll start organizing meet-ups and play dates and whatnot.

Until then, I’m learning how to build this website into the best resource for the surrounding area.

There are a lot of great things to see and do in sunny Wilson County all year long, especially for those who love nature and fishing and spending time enjoying the fresh air. We’ll also discuss things to do in the area, schools, restaurants and places to visit together with the family. From Wiggins Mill to Buckhorn, from Whirligig Park to visiting neighboring Rocky Mount, we’ll have all things covered (and we’re open to suggestinos)

Who are we?

“We” is actually me. But it sounds a bit more impressive when you’re using plurals, right?

I am Martha, a young mother of two amazing children. My little one is Ben who’s an adorable 5-year-old boy who loves robots and Haribo gummies a bit too much for my liking. He’s outgoing and smart and loves to make new friends.

Jenna is my 7-year-old daughter who’s turning to be a really nice lady. She’s extremely girly and loves playing with dolls, building them outfits and roleplaying a lot. She’s shy and sweet but once she gets to know somebody, she’s extremely fun to be around too!

I’m a bit paranoid about sharing photos of my kids over the internet – although I know this is MY blog and I should do it eventually – so for now, a picture of me looking good should suffice:

Yes, I might have added a few extra pounds since this photo was taken, but I’ll lose them soon. Or not. Ha!

So thanks for visiting Wilson County Parents! This is the first page that I’m actually writing for this blog, so there’s not much to brag with right now, but there will be soon.

I’m just starting out as a blogger, so bear with me if there are technical inconsistencies or my writing is top notch – I never was a great writer, but I promise to improve and everything will get better soon, I promise!