A Man’s Take on Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in public seems to be a delicate subject nowadays and a topic that’s getting more taboo than it should. Even more, for some strange reason, there is an increasing number of people that are completely against breastfeeding in public, from moms to dads, from strangers to doctors, from relatives to a couple aliens I chatted last night. And except for the aliens who have no idea how humans works, all the others who are against breastfeeding should take a deep breath, think about it for a second and understand that this time they are awfully wrong.

I guess that this intro makes it pretty obvious what’s this dad’s take on breastfeeding. I am completely for breastfeeding your little fellow and a big supporter of all the mothers worldwide who have the power to ignore an ever-growing mob that’s against this natural, normal, humanly thing to do.

First of all, a starting message for those who are against breastfeeding: if you’re 30 and over, then you have most likely been breastfed when you were little. For one year. Maybe two. Maybe more. Think about it!

And if you don’t think about it, here’s why this dad’s take on Breastfeeding is: “Go for it! Anywhere!”

When my son was born 15 months ago, I knew nothing about breastfeeding. I had no opinion about this, I didn’t even think about it too much. I had no idea that there are implications, diehard supporters and people who are against breastfeeding (usually in public) and I didn’t care.

But now, as a parent and even more, as a parent that kept learning and reading because he wants his son to get the best in life, now I have a strong opinion regarding breastfeeding. Now, after my wife – who’s obviously a pro-breastfeeding person too – took classes and became a little breastfeeding expert, now I understand that this is probably the biggest early mistake that we do regarding our children: not feeding them the ONLY thing that has been created by nature (or God, whatever your take is on this) specifically for the babies.

It’s not the formula, it’s not the veggies, it’s not the fruits or the meat, the water or the synthetic vitamins, the supplements and pills, it’s nothing else in this whole world. The only thing that has been and is being created naturally, exclusively and specifically for the feeding of a baby is their mother’s milk.

You can read a million things regarding the mother’s milk, you can easily find out why it’s so great, how incredible it is – changing in nutritional value based on the baby’s age and needs, but I will tell you one thing: I was surprised to find out how insanely beneficial it is to a kid’s health. And I will use my baby boy as an example:

Ever since he was born, he was breastfed. 15 months later he is still snacking on the delicious mother milk and we both hope he’ll continue to do so for the month to come. Last winter, when the little fellow was just several months old, I caught a terrible cold. That type of cold that keeps you in the bed for a few days. I was terrified that if my adult body was so weak, it will be even worse for my son. And it did happen: my wife had caught the cold and we both passed it to our son. Guess who had the easiest possible form? The little fellow that was being breastfed, getting the antibodies from the mother and getting the early advantage on the nasty virus.

If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. And that was the moment for me when I realized that this is the way to do it. This is the way to feed your baby: by using the natural mother’s milk.

There are interests worth billions of dollars that try to trick you into believing that you can’t feed your baby. That you will “lose” your milk (which is silly, because you only lose that milk if you stop giving it to your baby). That the formula is easier, it’s safer, it’s got everything your baby needs. Well, guess what? It doesn’t! It’s a mixture of chemicals, created in a lab. It’s something that you would no eat. It’s something that you would not order in a restaurant: if you were to choose from a tasty, succulent steak and a puree of chemicals, with a bland taste and a terrible smell, what would you choose?

Breastfeeding in public

Interests aside, breastfeeding is not such a big problem as long as mothers do it away from the eyes of the public. You can’t really criticize what you don’t know is happening. And then your little fellow gets hungry when you’re at the mall and you decide to do the natural thing: breastfeed. And that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Why? Because people are stupid.

Because people are uneducated. Because people are so bored in our society that they love to complain. And, of course, because people are stupid.

People are complaining that breastfeeding in public is disgusting. Do you know what’s disgusting? A 300 pounds bearded man eating chicken nuggets, licking his short, greasy fingers, with a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup in his beard, dripping in his diet Coke that he’ll slurp instantly before burping.

People are complaining that breastfeeding in public is too sexual and is hurting the bigger kids. Do you know what’s sexual? That chick in front of you at the line, with her g-string visible above her four inches skirt, wearing a revealing top that’s three sizes smaller. Or maybe that huge billboard ad promoting the latest bikini model. Most of the music videos that your kids are watching. The internet.

When a mother is breastfeeding, she won’t take off her clothes, reveal everything and scream dirty words to the passers-by. No, if you have ever seen a mother breastfeeding, you have certainly seen… nothing! Just that tiny head positioned right where you know the boob would be. You see minimal skin (way less that you would normally see from a generic cleavage or your regular see-through dress) and if you get aroused by looking at that, you have a problem.

And do you know what’s the easiest way to deal with this? If you really hate breastfeeding in public, there’s one single thing you can do to solve the problem: DON’T LOOK! Problem solved!

And to all the mothers out there who breastfeed their kids, kudos to you all! You have my complete appreciation and I am not the only one. But this shouldn’t matter at all. What should matter – and should be the only thing that matters to all mothers – is that you’re doing exactly what’s best for your baby. And when you know that, nothing else matters. Let the people scream, let the people fight, let the people be stupid. All that matters in this world is your baby. And you’re doing it right. Congratulations!

Can You Really Work from Home with a Baby?

You probably have some friends who do it already. Maybe you’ve done this before Baby arrived and you’re considering to keep on doing this after she is born. Working from home is not that difficult, in the end, and the answer to the questions: “Can you work from home with a baby?” seems easy to answer. But can you REALLY work from home after the baby is born?

I will tell you, as a first hand experience, that things will be extremely difficult. I am self employed and I was extremely happy to know that I will be able to spend so much time with my son. Do some work at the same time and earn money? Sounds like a match made in heaven!

But the truth, the real, day by day, frustrating and tiring truth is completely different! It might be all pink popsicles and unicorns for the first few weeks – maybe a couple of months – but afterwards, when the little fellow starts to get moody and cranky and have needs and learn how to crawl and learn how to come to your office and want this and want that and want a hug, a kiss, a pen or just to smash your keyboard while screaming… then things become really difficult and you’ll understand that unless you are the master of procrastination and getting things done in very short bursts with lots of breaks and distractions in between, working from home with a baby is far from the idyllic “sip my cocktail while working” lifestyle you were hoping for (or having before the baby’s arrival).

Are you also acting as a stay at home dad (or mother, depending who’s reading this article)? Then I think that doing any work becomes almost impossible. I am fortunate enough to have my wife on a long maternity leave and she takes care of the baby while I do the work. But I still get interrupted a million times during the day, distracted and there are still things that need my presence. If I were to be the only person taking care of the baby, I would simply find it impossible to write a full article in 8 hours. A 500-word one, not a book!

Imagine that things similar to what I’m detailing below would happen, more or less, on a daily basis:

1. Baby wakes up whenever he wants to. In our case, anywhere between 5:30 AM to 7 AM. Wakes up fully rested and in a MAJOR need of some play time.

2. At 8, you’ve got to feed the angel. Depending on their mood, it can last anything between 10 and 60 minutes. Screaming, throwing food, laughing and munching on toes, fingers, the chair and the wrong end of the spoon are usually included.

3. A bit of extra time before the baby’s morning nap. 20 minutes when you think you can write something because you let him roam freely in the room. You don’t get much done with one eye on the laptop’s screen and the other making sure that Baby doesn’t eat that book or smash the toy car with his head.

4. It’s about 9:30 when you put the baby to sleep. If you’re lucky, you’ll have 60 to 90 minutes to do some work (but you actually realize that you have to wash the dishes, prepare some food for his lunch and clean up the room a little bit).

5. You’re unlucky. The Baby wakes up 20 minutes after going to bed, screaming. You try to put him back to sleep for 20 minutes before giving up. During the time, you get you earns and hair pulled even though you keep saying “NO”.

6. You take the baby for a short stroll. Depending on the mood, it can be a short one or a longer, more relaxed one.

7. You have to feed the baby at 1 PM. The food’s not ready and he starts to scream and get really irritated. Nobody loves to be chained to a chair waiting for food! The feeding process is similar to the breakfast and you can never predict how long it will take.

8. It’s play time again, after trying to wash the baby’s hands and face and getting soaked in the bathroom. All the things that you’ve cleaned earlier today turn into an even bigger mess. Maybe you get a total of 20 minutes of work, 10 seconds at a time.

9. You are already exhausted, but fortunately so is the baby. It’s 3PM and it’s time for the afternoon nap. For the baby, not you, because you have dishes to clean, carpet to clean, take your first shower and stretch your legs for 20 minutes, if you are lucky.

10. You’re unlucky (again). Baby wakes up earlier than usual and you know it’s going to be a long(er) day. He’ll want a short snack or maybe a bottle, then you lose 15 minutes trying to dress him up before taking the little fellow to the park. You can’t wait for him to learn to walk alone so you won’t have to carry him everywhere. Every other kid looks like an angel. They probably are not.

11. When you get home, you have to prepare dinner for the baby. If you’re lucky, your spouse is back home and they can help a bit, even though they did work the entire day too and they too need a break. But who can take breaks when parenting is involved? Instead, you both get stressed and even more tired.

12. After dinner, while the mom/dad catches up with the baby, you can finally get some work done. 60 minutes tops, because the baby needs you again!

So, pretty much, difficult! Of course, I have exaggerated a bit here, but a very bad day could look exactly like the one I have described above. The truth is that even during the best days you won’t be able to do much work done. But this is the challenge and charm of working from home and I still believe that it beats a regular 9 to 5 job.

What It Is Like to Live in Wilson, North Carolina

Wilson, NC is definitely not one of the top cities to see on the wish lists of your or older people when it comes to places to live. Many people have never actually heard of this place before and that shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, as there aren’t a ton of things that make Wilson famous.

Wilson is a small city, offering everybody looking for it that small town vibe where everybody seems to know everybody (although this is far from true). But if you are planning to make the move here for whatever reasons or you end up with Wilson, North Carolina, on your shortlist of cities that you’d like to relocate to, you’re at the right place: learn from somebody who hasn’t been born here how it’s like to live in Wilson County, NC.

According to Wikipedia, Wilson is not an extremely small city, though: around 49,000 people live here, so it’s definitely not that kind of place where everybody literally knows everybody! The city has a total area of 23.4 square miles out of which less that 1% is water (although the county itself has a lot of beautiful natural spots for the nature lovers!) For those who are more religious in nature, this will prove to be a really good city as most of the people here are amazing human beings that follow the word of God. There’s also nice racial diversity here, with around 47% being white, 47% African America, 7% Hispanic, and there are fewer numbers of Native American, Asian and such. But the color of the skin doesn’t matter here as everybody is extremely friendly!

There aren’t many activities here, to be honest. It’s still a good place for kids, especially if they haven’t lived the busy big city life, but eventually things will get a bit old. There’s a lot in terms of enjoying nature, though, and that is one of the biggest things I love about the city!

Interesting trivia: Wilson, NC is the birthplace of Branch Banking and Trust Corporation (BB&T), one of the nation’s top financial-holding companies. It is also one of the companies that employs most people in the city.

One extremely important thing about Wilson is that it’s considered a really safe town. The Northern parts of it are considered more high end than the South, but usually the main offenses here are Drug/DUI related with some burglaries thrown in to keep them diversified. But more serious offenses like murders and gun-related problems are highly uncommon here.

In terms of food, there’s not a huge choice of good restaurants, but we do have the fair share of chain restaurants like Applebees, Olive Garden and so on. From the local places, I would recommend visiting Beefmastors or Jacks. Although you don’t have a ton of fancy places to choose from, you won’t die of hunger – that’s for sure – and you won’t get bored too easily.

School-wise, I would say that the city does really well. We’ve already talked about schools in Wilson, but you should read that article too if you’re interested in finding out more. I would say that overall I am extremely satisfied with the options and the quality of the schools here.

Probably one of the biggest downsides of Wilson is that it’s not close to any big city. Raleigh is closest, with Fayetteville being relatively close too, but these are not exactly very large cities. However, visiting Raleigh every now and then is fun and, since it’s not extremely far, it opens up for possibilities should you not be able to find a job or like it that much in Wilson.

Best part? I consider Wilson to be a great place to raise a family, and that is all that matters after a while. If you’re single and moving here, it might not be the most fun town out there and you might have some trouble adjusting to living life here, but for families it is an ideal place. I love it for sure and I wouldn’t like it any other way!

So are you considering to make the move to Wilson, NC? Have you lived here already? Share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below as I’d love to hear from you!

How to Keep Your Children Entertained During the Winter

Winter is coming – and I am not only saying that as an excuse to randomly quote the famous line from the Game of Thrones series. I am saying it because, as the bad weather comes upon us, there are fewer and fewer things that our kids can do. Or at least that is the impression we have, because they stop being able to spend as much time outdoors as they did over the summer or when the weather was better.

But the bad weather and winter itself don’t have to be mean that your kids will spend all day long inside playing video games or watching TV all day long, getting bored and out of shape. On the contrary, there are a ton of things that you can do inside and keeping your children entertained during the winter will prove to be not so difficult if you put some energy into it. And since you’re reading this article, you are definitely ready to do it!

Of course, I will start by telling you what we do here in our family – things that have worked nicely over the years and kept the kids happy. They are growing older and we have to come up with new ideas, but this is one of the challenges of parenting, and this is something that we absolutely love doing. There are many things that people know – which I consider common sense things and I won’t share them here – but some really work in our case and they’re definitely worth sharing!

So here are a few suggestions of my own on how to keep your children entertained during the winter:

1. As soon as fall hits, we start spending as much time as possible outside gathering fallen leaves. We try to get as many colors and shapes as possible and stockpile a ton of leaves. These will be extremely useful during the winter, but they also keep the kids entertained when collecting them. It’s slowly becoming a favorite activity, allowing the little ones explore the world, make decisions and then see their choices turned into entertainment later on (as we paint the leaves, glue them onto pieces of paper and create funny characters and use them to build mini forts or houses for fairies).

2. We consider winter to be a great season for expressing one’s creativity, so we use everything that we have on hand: from paper mache to drawing, painting, building (Lego or anything else), our home becomes a workshop for their creativity and they absolutely love it.

3. It’s also a good time to help them socialize while keeping a closer eye on them. We like hosting parties (nothing fancy at all, it’s basically just kids coming over to play). Let them spend as much time as possible in the company of their friends, and they will absolutely love it!

In our case, it’s getting a bit difficult because two groups are formed, since our daughter is 7 and our son is 5 and they usually prefer doing different things, but eventually the groups join forces and play together. It’s a joy to watch the young ones interact and learn together!

4. Family bonding time is also increased during the winter. Although I’m not usually the kind of parent that enjoys encouraging their children to watch TV (since I want them to be as active as possible), I can’t ignore the bonding time that it offers. Since during the winter we like just being lazy on the couch watching a family-friendly movie, we get the kids close, tuck them in and watch the movie together. It’s absolutely beautiful and we all love it, so one day per week is reserved to watching a movie. It’s easier as they grow older, since they actually start to show interest in these movies. Love it to bits and I’ll miss it so much when they’ll grow older!

In case you want some more actual ideas and all sorts of great suggestions, you can check out a couple of articles that are filled with activity ideas that you can perform with your kids during the winter: this article of Artful Parent (my favorite) lists 89 activities for kids, while Buzzfeed comes with some interesting suggestions of their own in their article.

So don’t let the bad weather keep you bored and upset. There are a ton of things that you can do, things that will prove not to only keep the kids busy and entertained, but the adults as well!

Wilson Reportedly Loses Le Bleu Expansion worth $1 Million

I’m not planning to normally talk about this type of news as I want the blog to be a great resource for parents in the region, but this is something that can potentially affect the next generations as well as our own. I say that because a $1 million investment in the area is definitely something big. And unfortunately, it seems that it’s not going to happen anymore.

I am talking about the planned Le Bleu expansion in Wilson which apparently has been canceled, according to reports from our local news blog, Wilson Times.

Apparently, the company did not manage to get safety approvals from the officials and therefore decided to look for options elsewhere and they found them in Fayetteville.

It seems that this will not have any effect on their existing distribution site at 3010 Meteor Drive, which will continue operations normally. However, the planned expansion to bottle water in Wilson – a project estimated at $1 million which would’ve generated at least 11 new jobs, seems to have been canned.

However, judging from the comments generated by this article, it seems that there was more than red tape and bureaucracy that stayed in the way of this business going through.

Brock Agee, which is apparently the CEO at LeBleu Central Distributors, Inc. (I say “apparently” because you never know in the online world of Facebook – even though based on my judgement the profile seems to be real), had some comments to make. He answered:

“This project was an absolute disaster, based on the anti-business attitude of everyone involved in this project from economic development, the inspections office and the Mayor himself.

Le Bleu has bottling equipment in the US and several other countries and we have never encountered such an unwillingness to work with a business to bring over $1,000,000 of investment and new jobs to an area. We were forced to pull this project to another location.”

This comes as a response to Wilson Economic Development Executive Director Jennifer Lantz, who said – according to the Wilson Times – that the inspectors couldn’t give the required approvals without drawings from the company.

However, Mr. Agee has a different side of the story, stating the following:

“Le Bleu provided engineered drawings 4 times to the inspections office stamped by an engineer. We were willing to comply with every upgrade to the building required for this project. These drawings cost my small company over $6,500. Jennifer Lantz says safety is their primary concern, what was unsafe? We were willing to do all request by the inspectors who repeatedly held up this project Never issuing us a permit.”

So, as it always happens in this type of occasion, there are two sides of the story. It’s up for the higher ranked people to sort this out and, no matter who is right and who is wrong, I personally consider this a loss for all the people in Wilson. Indeed a $1 million investment is always welcome and 11 new jobs at $15 per hour are still better than no extra jobs.

But deals fall all the time for all sorts of reasons. This is life.

List of Elementary Schools in Wilson County, NC

There is a total of 14 elementary schools available to parents residing in Wilson County, North Carolina. All these schools are safe and are fully staffed with teachers who love kids and will educate them to the highest degree.

The costs are also generally very low, yet the schools are generally in a really good condition and offer everything there’s needed for the kids to be safe, entertained and, most important, ready to learn a lot of useful things.

Below we have a complete list of elementary schools available in Wilson County, with some extra details about each of these schools. Remember that most of them have that “small town” vibe to them. Some consider this a con, but I consider it a pro because kids are in a cosier place, almost like in a family and not a school. But there are options, no matter what type of structure you prefer and you can check them all out below.

So without further ado, here are the elementary schools in Wilson County, North Carolina, listed in alphabetical order:

Barnes Elementary School
Official website
Address: 1913 Martin Luther King, Jr. Pkwy. East Wilson, NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Official philosophy and goals: “The staff and students at B.O. Barnes Elementary School believe the atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for student academic success. Our school strives to promote academic excellence in all students regardless of race, economic status and/or background. Barnes Elementary also takes great pride in endless possibilities with team effort. We can and will develop productive citizens from our students with the spirit of expectancy and determination. Our goal is enforcing academics to the fullest and instilling good character traits in our students.”

Elm City Elementary School
Official website
Address: 5544 Lake Wilson Road Elm City, NC 27822
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Official mission:

“- To help students become independent thinkers and doers
– To provide successful experiences which encourage each student to achieve his or her highest potential
– To instill worthwhile values which create responsible citizens
– To prepare students for challenges in today’s technological world.”

Gardners Elementary School
Official website
Address: 5404 NC Highway 42 East, Elm City NC 27822
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Official mission statement: “The mission of Gardners Elementary School is to provide positive educational experiences that enable all students to achieve maximum potential and become responsible, contributing members of society and lifelong learners.”

Hearne Elementary School
Official website
Address: 300 W. Gold St., Wilson NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

This is the oldest school in operation in Wilson County. It was initially known as Maplewood School, but later on the name was changed after former teacher Margaret Hearne. It’s also the first school in the district to host a Spanish Immersion program.

Official mission: “Our mission is to improve academic achievement for all students and to ensure that all students graduate from high school prepared for college, careers, and life”

Jones Elementary School
Official website
Address: 4028 Highway 42 West, Wilson NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Mission statement & Vision: “Jones Elementary School students and staff will become lifelong learners through rigorous and relevant instruction. We envision Jones Elementary School as a safe, nuturing environment dedicated to preparing all students for their future.”

Lee Woodard Elementary School
Official website
Address: 103 Church St., Black Creek NC 27813
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

About the school: “At Lee Woodard Elementary we strive to provide a nurturing and safe learning environment that promotes academic excellence and good citizenship. Students from Lee Woodard will attend Speight Middle School and Beddingfield High School.”

Lucama Elementary School
Official website
Address: 6260 Blalock Road, Lucama NC 27851
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Official mission statement: “The mission of Lucama School, a positive, safe, professional community-supported school, is to build relationships and provide a respectful, creative environment by accepting and embracing all people and providing a variety of opportunities for each child to experience success.”

New Hope Elementary School
Official website
Address: 4826 Packhouse Road, Wilson NC 27896
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Rock Ridge Elementary School
Official website
Address: 6605 Rock Ridge School Road, Wilson NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Official vision: “We believe that the future of Wilson County rests upon an informed and educated citizenry that is resilient and adaptable to a changing world. Our vision requires us to provide appropriate facilities, support services, and learning resources for all students. We must hire the most qualified teachers, administrators, and support staff members to prepare graduates to enter that citizenry as leaders and life-long learners. Our students, the living messages of the future, represent our commitment to supporting a high quality of living in Wilson County.”

Stantonsburg Elementary School
Official website
Address: 409 S. Main St., Stantonsburg NC 27883
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Vick Elementary School
Official website
Address: 504 Carroll St., Wilson NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Vinson-Bynum Elementary School
Official website
Address: 1601 Tarboro St. SW, Wilson NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Wells Elementary School
Official website
Address: 1400 N. Grove Street, Wilson NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Winstead Elementary School
Official website
Address: 1713 Downing St. SW, Wilson NC 27893
School Hours: 8AM – 3PM
School on map:

Official mission statement: “To provide a positive, safe community supported school and establish a successful learning environment for all students by embracing meaningful relationships.”

The list is complete, but I am still working to gather all the data about the schools in the county. Check back soon for all the details, but I think that what I have offered still gives you enough to make an educated decision or research a bit more for the perfect school for your kids!

If you already have your kids enrolled at one of the schools listed above, please share your opinion in the comment section below: it will surely help other parents a lot!

Best Activities for Kids in Wilson, North Carolina

If you’re planning a visit to Wilson County, NC, chances are that you’re heading for Wilson. That’s the main city in the area and that’s where most of the fun activities for families will happen.

In today’s article, I will guide you through the top things to do in Wilson, NC – things that kids will definitely enjoy. But as adults, we love them too – even though some of them are becoming the norm for somebody living here.

But without further ado, let’s check out the best of the best our county has to offer in terms of activities with kids in Wilson, North Carolina!

1. Whirligig Park

Although not complete yet, it’s still worth a visit! And even in its current state, it can provide entertainments for little and older ones. Right now, you can check out some of the items which have been restored, but also visit the warehouse where the restoration magic is happening and experience it first hand. Really fun to watch!

Narrowing the line between art and science (and I would add entertainment), this is a must visit if you’re spending some time in Wilson with your family. Learn more about the park on its official page here. You can visit Whirligig Park Mon-Fri between 9AM – 8PM (no admission charge), although for the art outside, you can just pop up anytime you feel like seeing something cool!

2. Wilson Botanical Gardens

Open each day since sunrise to sunset, this beautiful botanical garden in Wilson delights visitors with a tree collection, different turf grass species, display gardens as well as bird and butterfly gardens.

This is a great place to go out for a picnic with the family and enjoy the 200+ species of plants the Wilson Botanical Gardens are home for. Admission is free and you can find out more details on the official website of the gardens (here).

3. Model Trains

You don’t have to be a model train fanatic to enjoy the beauty of this place. The piece de resistance is definitely the showroom where you can view an operating model train featuring more than 2,000 train cars and enough track to maneuver 60 locomotive engines. The Antique Barn and Hobby Shop is the place where you can check out these model trains, in a place that’s operating since 1965.

Visit the official page for details on how to get there and in order to find out more about this attraction.

4. Imagination Station

If you want to bring a bit of science to the schedule, the Imagination Station is a must see attraction in Wilson! Located in Historic Downtown Wilson, it is the home of more than 200 displays with tons of activities and fun things to do for the entire family.

Some of my favorites are the Honey Bee Observation Hive and the animal collection, while the little ones will definitely love the curiosity corner as well. For adults, but maybe also for kids grown in the Facebook era, the impressive collection of antique photos could be a great attraction as well. It really manages to get you in the thinking mood regarding the way people used to live in the past.

There are all sorts of events taking place there regularly, so you should keep an eye on their website for the latest news and events.

The Imagination Station in Wilson operates Tuesday-Saturday from 9 to 5, and on Sundays from 1PM to 4 PM. Children under 3 must not pay an entrance fee, but for everybody else, the ticket costs $5.

5. NC Baseball Museum

If your kids enjoy baseball, a visit to the Baseball Museum might be worth it. The museum is open Thursday to Saturday between 10 AM – 4 PM and Sundays between 1 PM – 5 PM. But it’s best to go there on game day and enjoy a baseball game at Fleming Stadium, the home of Wilson Tobacconists (and the place where the museum operates).

If you’re lucky, you can even meet some Wilson’s Hall of Fame players who will be more than happy to sign an autograph for you. Find out more on the museum’s official page here.

6. Wilson Rose Garden

Now this one is obviously an attraction that you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Wilson when the roses are in bloom… but not insanely entertaining otherwise. But you’re really up for a treat if you visit at the right time: there are over 1,000 rose plants there, all looking amazing. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, since some of the varieties there are American Rose Selections award winners.

There’s also a picnic area for the family and unforgettable memories can be made there. So put this on your “to see” list on 1800 Herring Avenue.

These are the top things to see and do with your family when in Wilson, NC. The list is not as impressive as lists from larger cities are, but I guarantee that you’ll get a really unique feeling from most of these places.

Are other hidden gems in Wilson that should make our list? Let us all know by sharing your comments below!