Welcome to Wilson County Parents!

Hello parents and parents-to-be!

My name is Martha and I decided to launch this blog in order to create a glowing community of parents in Wilson County, North Carolina. The purpose of this website is to gather information and share it with you regarding family events in the area and eventually organize meet-ups for our kids to enjoy great company.

I am currently living in the Northern area of the country, in Elm City. We’re close to the airport and the Tar River Reservoir, but also Lake Wilson and all the great attractions in the area.

I am a young mother of two beautiful children: little Benny is 5 years old and his older sister Jenna is 7. We’re hoping to expand our family as soon as possible, so fingers crossed!

This is the first ever article on this blog and my first real attempt at becoming a real blogger. I played in the past a little bit with Facebook posting and writing on my own WordPress blog for friends and family mostly, so I am not an expert in any way.

But one day I had this vision of creating a community surrounding the Wilson Country area and here I am, jumping head first as always and hoping for the best. There are currently a ton of technical detail that I’m not getting, but I won’t give up too soon. Hopefully this blog will one day become a great resource for families in the area and the gathering point of new – and old – parents.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned as I have many articles in the pipeline with some lesser known family attractions and tips!