6 Rules for Safe Babywearing

We have already talked about baby wearing in the previous article, but we have barely scratched the surface back then – it makes sense, because I was just getting started on this whole parenting thing, and I knew so little.

Now, after a ton of research and personally wearing my baby safely and correctly, I have decided to write a new article about this important topic and also share with you the 6 rules for safe baby wearing.

Baby wearing is extremely important for the development of the babies and it also helps the mothers or daddies to do things like house chores or shopping a lot easier, knowing that their baby is safe there near their heart.

However, just getting the first baby wrap that’s available at a huge discount – or one that fits the color of your purse perfectly – isn’t the the right way of getting into baby wearing. Some would go as far as saying that this is a true art and it can really cause some damage to the baby if not done correctly.

You need to follow some rules when deciding what baby wrap or sling to purchase, and you also need to follow a few steps to make sure that the baby is safe in there. So here are the 6 rules for safe and correct babywearing:

1. The baby wrap or sling must hold the baby tight – make sure that all the knots and belts are safe and well fastened, you don’t want to risk dropping the baby!

2. You must always be able to see the baby: see them breathe, blink, drool.

3. The baby must be close enough so that you can kiss him or her, without you bending too much.

4. Baby’s chin must not touch their chest. If this happens, there’s a big risk of asphyxiation.

5. Make sure that his back is in a correct position and if the baby can’t hold his or her head, make sure it has support for that.

6. The correct shape of the legs should be like the letter M: the knees a bit elevated and touching your body.

These would be the rules, and there are also benefits when it comes to baby wearing, including stronger back and neck muscles and a faster development of the baby.

It is also believed that babies that are worn will be able to hold their head up sooner than the others, they won’t cry as much and will sleep better at night – basically because they keep felling the warmth of the body, have a similar position to that when they were in mommy’s tummy and hearing the heart beats also relaxes them a lot. There are a ton of other benefits too and you can read more in depth about these here.

So why did I love to baby wear? First of all, because it made my life a lot easier: I could cook, I could clean around the house and be active without worrying too much about the baby.

It was also extremely useful during the winter, when he was feeling extremely uncomfortable in the cold weather, no matter how many layers of clothes he had on.

But as soon as we started going out with him in the baby sling, he was instantly falling asleep when breathing the cold winter’s air, close to my chest and feeling the natural warmth of my body.

So I thought it was all pretty obvious: he was feeling so good and so relaxed that he instantly fell asleep. If we were to put him in the baby stroller, after just a few minutes he would start to cry and be completely uncomfortable.

So don’t be afraid about baby wearing: as long as you do it right – and now you know how – everything’s going to be just great!