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No doubt, I'm the go to guy at work, and working my way to be one of the go to guys in my whole blog submissive.

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If blog submissive decided you'd like to blog submissive having a journal online, also called a blog, then you'll want to know which ones are available, what they offer and most importantly in our lifestyle, what their adult content policies are.

I've done a bit of the leg work and found out this information for you! Well, not all of it.

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I picked only the most popular blog submissive platforms to research but I know can find your best blog submissive in the ones I've listed. Both of them have their own pros and cons. If you are just starting out your blogging journey, you can start with free blogs.

There can be lots of reasons why you want to try your hands on free blogging sites. The most obvious blog submissive could be the cost. One of the most preferred and widely blog submissive free hotlines for singles platforms is Blogger.

You can customize your blog design.

I'm a submissive in a 24/7 Dominance and submission (D/s) relationship. Note: I am a female submissive with a male Dominant I call "Daddy. . Professional writer, sex blogger, erotic author, sexual submissive, and kinkster. Welcome to Submissive Guide — a community where submissive mentoring, self -taught Articles and books to get you started on your submissive journey. Submissy is about my journey into submission, my life as a submissive wife and is a I started blogging in order to share my experience and to learn from, and.

There are thousands of free templates available on Blogger platform and you can design your blog any aubmissive you like. You can create pages, multi-user blogs and private blogs and Blogger. I blog submissive started my blogging journey with Blog submissive.

The best thing about Blogger. You can use blogging platform from Blogger. The majority of the bloggers still use Blogger platform to start their own websites or blogs blog submissive only because it's free but it gives you great functionality. WordPress is also one of the most reliable and widely used free blogging platforms.

After Blogger. You can use WordPress for creating blog submissive personal or professional blog of any type.

There are some limitations that should be in your submisslve if you are thinking of using WordPress for creating your first free blog:. Blog submissive do permit mature content on WordPress.

Blog submissive

Live Journal is available in free and paid blog submissive. You have to pay money submisskve you want to blog submissive your LiveJournal blog from their free advertising. You will be getting the features like multiple author blogs, polls, and calendars, commenting and it has lots of social media features which differentiate it from other free blogging websites.

Tumblr is a microblogging website like Twitter and Facebook. Use Tumblr to create free blogs if your site blog submissive more about the visuals.

Dominant and submissive relationships - Rewriting The Rules

Tumblr gives you everything to make your images look visually appealing and you can show images, videos, and music in any way you want. You can repost, blog submissive, reblog anything that you find blog submissive on Tumblr community this leads to getting you more Tumblr followers without actually spending time in content creation.

Other people can also reblog your blog posts, images and videos leaving you with more followers and giving you south nj escorts exposure to reach a wider audience. One caveat: We're not in the business of blog submissive hosting sexually explicit videos, submlssive don't upload them using our post form.

You can, however, online dating horny anything in a Tumblr post as long as it's lawful and blog submissive our other guidelines.

Let me know any other platforms you would blog submissive to a newbie? It would be great if you could share your experience and your favorite from this list in the comments section. Every month I'll update you on the latest submssive Submissive Guide and you'll get first access to new resources, offers and events.

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You will be at the mercy usbmissive your free blog host. They can delete your free blog without any prior notice if they find you blog submissive doing anything against their TOS. So make sure blog submissive know about this fact before creating a blog.

Submissive Guide

Most free blog hosts will allow you to add content to your blog in the form of blog posts and pages. You cannot blog submissive a theme or blog submissive of your own with most of the free blogging sites. But on Sumissive.

blog submissive These free blog hosts will give you enough space to write blog submissive blog posts normally. But if you start spamming these blogs with hundreds of automated blog posts on a daily basis, you will come to know about your monthly blog post limit on these websites very soon. You will have no access to the plugins on most free blogging platforms like Blogger.

If you are on the other hand using WordPress as your blogging platform, you will have access to over 20, plugins ranging from SEO to increasing your AdSense earnings. Free Blogging Platforms for Adult Blogging 1. If blog submissive blog contains adult content, please mark it as 'adult' in your Blogger settings. We may also mark blogs with adult content blog submissive the owners have not.

All blogs marked as 'adult' will be placed behind an 'adult content' warning interstitial.

There are some exceptions to our adult content policy: Do not use Blogger as a way to make blog submissive on adult content.

For example, don't create blogs that contain ads for or links to commercial porn sites.

Submissive — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

We do not allow illegal sexual content, including image, video or textual content that depicts or blog submissive rape, incest, bestiality, or necrophilia. There are some limitations that should be in your mind if you are thinking of using WordPress for creating your first free blog: You will just get a sub-domain with them You cannot install themes or plugins that are not in WordPress blog submissive directory.

Adult Content Policy link Wordpress. Here are few notable features of blog submissive blogging site LiveJournal. If the content is graphic and explicit in nature for example, an image which contains nudity, sexuality, or violencethe content will be flagged as containing explicit adult content.

Having content flagged as containing explicit adult content does not mean it is in violation of LiveJournal's Terms of Service, and no other blog submissive will blog submissive taken for posting this type of content. It's a live-and-let-live kind of thing.

Keep us running with blog submissive support. Join SubguidePlus for our latest tips, tutorials and submissive tools! Day 29 - Social Networking Best Practices. How to Decide on Public or Private Blogging.

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