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Why Do Couples Start to Look Like Each Other? | Live Science

We see it as a quirky thing that so many married couples look more like siblings than lovers, and assume it's because they spend so much time together that married looking for same looks seem to merge. When they start to dress the same and pick up each others' mannerisms, mzrried think of them as cute.

But martied about when their features are so similar they look like twins? Elite Daily reports that thanks to a new medical study that literally no one asked for, we know the weird and frankly grim reason why.

I hope you're sitting comfortably, especially if you share some facial features with your partner. It's because married couples genuinely could married looking for same similar genes. Researchers at universities in Pennsylvania, California and Boston found people are most likely to marry someone with the same ancestry.

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Before the married looking for same of easy, cheap travel and online dating, humans didn't really have any choice but to hook up and reproduce with people in their local community. Published in PLOS Geneticsthe study found the pattern of white couples marrying and having children within marrried area repeated over time.

The Weird Reason So Many Married Couples Look Alike | Allure

Basically, they were keeping it in the gene pool for generations. Apparently, people of Northern European, Southern European sqme Ashkenazi Jewish descent were the most likely to marry someone with the same genetic background as themselves.

Fortunately, they studied families over three generations and found this tendency to pair off with someone who shares our ancestry has declined over time. If we could just all just make sure this doesn't happen by looking a bit further married looking for same when choosing someone to spawn offspring with, that'd be great thanks.

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