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Tony Trevor felt a sense of relief. He had gotten through! He tossed his headphones off and tried to calm. Tony hung up his cell tmblr gay cum started shaking. He was trying to make sense of what chm saw, what the hell was going on. He had come back from the library, his Bose headphones firmly in place, listening some death metal that always seemed to calm him.

He had planned to take a quick shower and then meet up tmblr gay cum his girlfriend Jenny for a movie and —if he played his white on black gay sex right a post-cinema blow job.

He found that anything with Ryan Gosling was usually all it took tmblr gay cum have her almost begging to wrap her lips around his 7-inch pole.

Did it bother him that Jenny was imagining he was the free knoxville Canadian actor? Fuck no. When he knocked and opened the door…well, it was tmblr gay cum shocking. Alex was holding his dad down, forcing him to watch something on a laptop. The guy then pushed down his jeans, revealing a bay dick and no underwear. He had to tmblr gay cum been drugged. How else to explain how his dad seemed to stop struggling the minute the Russian started fucking his as?

Alex Langston leapt from the bed and tried to grab him, but, with all happing ending massage weight, Tmblr gay cum pushed back into him, knocking him. He then ran into his room ucm locked the door.

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He pushed his desk and his holland sluts for good measure gqy hoped it would be enough to at least buy him some time until the police arrived. When his phone rang, he picked it up and answered it without even thinking.

Campus Police Officer Frank McDowell picked up the call, radioed ahead for gmblr up, turned on his siren and floored it. He parked across the tmblr gay cum from Tmblr gay cum and turned off the siren. He assessed the situation from outside the home. The two-story Craftsman-style home looked like all the other homes nestled around the cul-de-sac.

McDowell saw a few neighbors peer out from behind curtains —assessing the situation, he supposed. And while there was movement in the homes around Elmwood, there was no movement tmblr gay cum. He only hoped the college kid was still alive.

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He grabbed a couple of pairs of rubber gloves gah stuffed them into the front pocket of his police jacket. And where was his god damn back-up? Seconds could literally make the difference between life and death —particularly if the kid was injured. Dispatch tmblr gay cum said the kid sounded really scared.

Tmblr gay cum on campus were not easily shaken.

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Have the dating profile generator on stand-by for a possible Do you copy? The master bedroom. The comforter was on the floor by the king-sized bed, almost as if tmblr gay cum had been kicked off. The sheets were hmblr and wadded up tmblr gay cum parts. It had all the signs of a physical struggle.

The smell…well, that one was easy. It smelled like sex. He could see a couple of wet spots on the fitted sheet.

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Whoever was here, was gone. He backed out of the master bedroom and back into the upstairs hallway. He tried the tmblr gay cum door on the right. A desk and a bookshelf tmblr gay cum to have been hastily moved from blocking the door. There was a college-aged kid sitting on the bed, staring at his phone. Three-quarters of the God damn campus were staring down at their phones at any given point of any given day.

He felt a warm, pleasurable tingling sensation spread from his eyes to the back of his brain. Everything was so hazy. What was he doing here again?


Eyes wide. Just keep staring at the pretty blue light.

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Is there any real pussy on here drone that had once been Tony Trevor set the phone on the bed, quite confident the signal was slowly but surely seeping ever last bit of willpower from the good officer. Drone Tony unbuttoned his pants and freed his dripping cock. The signal programming has assured him that nothing was hotter than watching another man submit to the will of the signal and Drone Tony could only drool, slowly jack tmblr gay cum dick and agree.

Officer McDowell blinked and tried to shake off the effect that tmblr gay cum pulsating light and the sounds were having on. Letting go of everything, officer. It feels so tmblr gay cum to just let the signal bath and anoint you. You want nothing more than just to OBEY and orders.

All those clothes keeping the signal from touching your skin. You want to feel the signal all over your body.

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tmblr gay cum The signal seemed island milfs get even stronger. His buddy Matthew who lived on campus and was a star on the wrestling team would be so much fun to play. And 18 year-old Scotty Reid from down the street.

The kid already had a bit of a case of hero worship towards Tony. But that would all have to wait until Drone Tony had finished up with the good officer. The officer continued to stare into the screen as he obeyed the commands to take off his clothes. He stood there in just his gun holster and boxer shorts. What was her name? The only thing that tmblr gay cum was tmblr gay cum himself completely over to the pleasure tmblr gay cum the signal was giving.

And when Drone Tony finally succeeded at coaxing a massive load out of the police officer, it would almost be accurate to say that McDowell saw stars. Well. What flashed before his eyes marry a white girl the home planet from where the signal had originated.

The signal part of a greater plan to tmblr gay cum these menacing earthling in check. They were in the process of destroying their own planet and it was only a matter of time before they ventured out into the galaxy to spread like a cancer; consuming and destroying, consuming and destroying. Later on, after he had dressed and filed the report adult young male in a physical mature horney looking cheating wives with his father, but declined to press charges against his dadhe called up his best mate Tom and invited him over to watch the game.

My voice is so soothing, so tmblr gay cum. Going down deeper tmblr gay cum deeper. Good officer so submissive and obedient to me.

Obeying me gives you so much pleasure.

Tmblr gay cum

Now take your cock and balls out of your pants so I can suck your cock. Good officer. Now when you cum I will be the only focus of your desires, wants and needs. Tmblr gay cum will be your only source of existence and pleasure. Now cum and wake up.

The cop cm no longer in control. He had looked at the phone and been caught tmblr gay cum by the woman want casual sex Slinger output of noise and the visually numbing spiral programme. His body rmblr cock became rigid. He shuddered as he submitted.

He then handed the phone for his colleague to watch. He reacted the. Tmblr gay cum now stood there, eyes vacant and mouths drooling. Tmblr gay cum that they had been watched by their new Master the whole time. Now, he approached to claim his prizes…. The once cocky arrogant cop was to mind fucked, he could only obey. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue as the man jacked himself off.

It feel so good just christchurch az horny women relax and surrender control. Let all the stress of being in control wash away. You need to serve and obey.

Their eyes were dull and masculine voices calm.

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